NYC 2030 District is implementing Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn (HCSB), a Clean Heating and Cooling Communities campaign, sponsored by Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso and NYSERDA. Con Edison Clean Heat Program incentives have been suspended since May of ’22, but are scheduled to return in mid-January ’23. The program’s incentives for clean heating & cooling system retrofits have been reduced from the previous levels. 

We need to work together as a community to encourage Brooklyn property owners, homeowners and small businesses to stop burning fossil fuels in their basements and switch to efficient, electric cold-climate Air Source Heat Pumps (ccASHPs). 

Please apply to HCSB to convert to clean heating and cooling, and please join the Brooklyn Aggregated Retrofit Campaign (BK ARC) for bulk discounts, whole property retrofits and streamlined benefits. Choose your property type below and fill out a form to get started.

Buildings with energy efficient envelopes and clean heating and cooling systems will keep you comfortable all year round, lower your energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Help us evaluate your home or building to plan your energy retrofit. Please fill out a quick form for your property type

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