Clean Heat Program Incentives Temporarily Suspended 

Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn regretfully shares the following news with our stakeholders:

On May 9th Con Edison notified contractors and program participants that their funds for the NYS Clean Heat Program had been exhausted and new projects would no longer be accepted. The company administers the program in New York City. ConEd has issued a petition to the NYS Public Service Commission requesting the transfer of over $400M of unspent funds from other programs to revive the Clean Heat incentive pipeline. This request, if granted by the PSC through an expedited process, may restore program funding sometime this summer. 

The announcement of the sudden suspension, issued without advanced notice, has placed considerable hardship on our contractors and prospective customers, and will cause substantial harm to the credibility of the Clean Heat Program and related energy efficiency programs.

From ConEd’s May 9, 2022 NYS Clean Heat Program Notice:

Due to the tremendous response from the market, as of April 2022, the Con Edison Clean Heat Program exceeded its 2025 energy savings target and has exhausted all available funding for the program. To keep the program running through today, Con Edison has already transferred millions of dollars of additional funding from other energy efficiency programs. Nevertheless, stronger than expected program participation will soon exhaust this additional funding. As a result, Con Edison must pause incentives for air-source heat pump projects for space and water heating effective immediately.

Here is a link to the full notice

Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn will provide updates to the community as we receive them. We anticipate a return to facilitating program incentives in the coming months.

Multi-Family Green Retrofit Meeting

We are pleased to share the materials from our Multi-Family Green Retrofit Meeting. Thanks to the stakeholders and panelists for your participation. We heard from representatives of nine properties from 6 to 72 units in size, and a variety of ownership and building types. Sy Cohen of SC Engineers and Kawi Energy Group’s Leutrim Cahani presented their experiences from the field of building retrofits.  

Here is a link to the meeting recording and presentation deck:
Webinar Recording

Slide Deck

Please see attached the results of the polls we took of stakeholder information and feedback, the outline resources of programs and financing forms from the meeting:

Poll 1 Results

Poll 2 Results

Poll 3 Results

Multi-Family Retrofit Financing Form

Multi-Family Retrofit Programs

Thanks to Martha Sickles of HCSB, Jeanne Wilcke of NYC 2030 and volunteers Kris Haag and Matt Viederman for joining the meeting. Shreya Bedi, a Pratt graduate student, conducted the polls and presented a study in progres on Small-Medium Multi-Family Properties which is being conducted under the Fund for the City of NY Urban Planning Fellows Program in conjunction with Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn and NYC 2030 District. Thank you for your contribution to the study, your personal and property information will be confidential.