We are pleased to share the materials from our Multi-Family Green Retrofit Meeting. Thanks to the stakeholders and panelists for your participation. We heard from representatives of nine properties from 6 to 72 units in size, and a variety of ownership and building types. Sy Cohen of SC Engineers and Kawi Energy Group’s Leutrim Cahani presented their experiences from the field of building retrofits. ¬†

Here is a link to the meeting recording and presentation deck:
Webinar Recording

Slide Deck

Please see attached the results of the polls we took of stakeholder information and feedback, the outline resources of programs and financing forms from the meeting:

Poll 1 Results

Poll 2 Results

Poll 3 Results

Multi-Family Retrofit Financing Form

Multi-Family Retrofit Programs

Thanks to Martha Sickles of HCSB, Jeanne Wilcke of NYC 2030 and volunteers Kris Haag and Matt Viederman for joining the meeting. Shreya Bedi, a Pratt graduate student, conducted the polls and presented a study in progres on Small-Medium Multi-Family Properties which is being conducted under the Fund for the City of NY Urban Planning Fellows Program in conjunction with Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn and NYC 2030 District. Thank you for your contribution to the study, your personal and property information will be confidential.