HCSB Campaign Transition

Hello Friends of Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn,

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn (HCSB) Campaign. Since 2020 we have engaged hundreds of stakeholders to perform clean energy retrofits through direct outreach, informational webinars, dynamic community partnerships and our participating contractors. HCSB is a project of the NYC 2030 District (NYC2030,) a non-profit partnership of diverse stakeholders.

HCSB has converted over 50 Brooklyn homes from fossil fuel boilers to efficient, electric heat pump heating and cooling systems, weatherized a few as well; and engaged over 25 multi-family properties with a total of hundreds of apartments to plan clean energy conversions. Several of these projects are moving forward with full-building retrofits.

HCSB’s community retrofit campaign has been completed and our funding from NYS Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has run out. We thank the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office and NYSERDA for their strong sponsorship and support.

NYC2030 continues to work with stakeholders and community partners to achieve collaborative climate progress.


  • Multi-family properties who wish to perform comprehensive DEEP ENERGY RETROFITS for their buildings
  • Commercial, institutional and multi-family properties who are interested in COMMUNITY SOLAR, either as host sites or as solar subscribers

Please contact us for more information at: [email protected]

The Con Edison Clean Heat Program provides incentives for heat pump conversions of different project types. Information is available on the Con Edison website: https://www.coned.com/en/our-energy-future/electric-heating-and-cooling-equipment

Please contact HCSB’s partner contractors directly for clean heating & cooling, weatherization or solar work:https://heybrooklyn.org/contractors-3/

The HCSB website will continue to accept enrollments and will transfer campaign contacts and referrals to NYSERDA’s Brooklyn & Bronx Regional Clean Energy Hub (CEH,) which is led by Association for Energy Affordability (AEA). We expect that AEA will have the BK & BX CEH established in Fall ’23 and the community campaigns will be restarted. We will notify you as soon as the CEH contact info is available.
Best Wishes,                                                                                           

NYC2030 and the Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn Team