The Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn Campaign needs your help getting the word out about ARC, an opportunity for property owners to go green, while saving energy and money!

What is Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn? 

Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn (HCSB) is a campaign brought to you by the NYC 2030 District team, in partnership with Brooklyn Borough President Reynoso’s Office and NYSERDA. We work with small residential, multifamily, and commercial property owners to retrofit buildings with energy efficient installations by helping them get access to energy assessments, financing, incentives and contractors. Clean heating and cooling systems and weatherization lower buildings’ energy costs and carbon footprints, replacing dirty fossil fuel boilers and inefficient window air conditioners. 

What is a clean heating and cooling system? 

Clean, efficient electric air-source heat pump systems work in cold climates for heating in winter, while doubling as cooling systems in the warmer months. There are no fossil fuels burned to release carbon emissions from your property. They reduce the building’s carbon footprint, improving both indoor air quality and the environment. HCSB can offer property owners a holistic view of their building to gain the benefits of weatherization to improve comfort, savings and reduce their carbon footprint even further. We can even help owners install solar panels to generate renewable energy and clean the electric grid. Learn more about Clean Heating & Cooling 

Who can participate? 

Owners, shareholders and property managers of one-to-four family homes, multi-family properties, and commercial or mixed-use buildings in Brooklyn. 

How much does it cost? 

Cost varies depending on the size of the building and type of project, but financing options and incentives are available, including but not limited to income-based assistance. Long-term savings outweigh upfront costs.

How can you apply? 

HCSB has launched the Brooklyn Aggregated Retrofit Campaign (ARC) for Winter & Spring 2023, to lower property owners’ costs by grouping projects together, taking advantage of bulk procurement discounts and promoting ‘whole building’ retrofits. That’s where we need your help! We are asking you to sign up your home or building by filling out a form for your Property Type from the menu above, and helping to spread the word to encourage your neighbors to participate