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Green Power Associates adheres to the highest industry standards, to transform clients’ residential and commercial spaces, into healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient environments. We will be the premier provider of Energy Efficiency solutions in New York State, by mitigating comfort and energy concerns. We will create a healthy energy efficient home, possibly in as little as 2 days, for our valued customers! Thus, ensuring a safe and sustainable environment.

The concept of a ‘home energy audit’ is fast becoming known to the general public, but it’s scope of involvement is rarely ever understood. We at Green Power Associates “GPA” are here to simplify, explain and provide the answers to your home energy concerns. Our goal is very simple. We are here to improve the health, comfort and energy efficiency of your home. We work on all types of housing including Brownstones, Limestones, Row Houses, Victorians, Colonials, Single families, Duplexes, 1-4 families.


Primary Contacts: [email protected]
Address: 80 Westminster Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Phone: 347-350-9444