Newsletter January 2022

Electrify Brooklyn  

Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn welcomes 2022 with high hopes for greater energy efficiency and clean energy. We wish success to Mayor Adams, Borough President Reynoso and to all our new Council Members, and are looking forward to working with them to achieve climate progress.

We are expanding our reach beyond Community Boards 2 and 6 as we received inquiries from homeowners in all of Brooklyn. Please visit our website: 

Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn’s Selected Contractors:

Residential 1-4 Family Homes-Clean Heating & Cooling: 

Green Team, Vigilante Plumbing and Heating, Palone Brothers

Multi-Family & Commercial-Clean Heating & Cooling:

Green Star / VRF Solutions, Vigilante Plumbing and Heating, Palone Brothers

Weatherization & Insulation:

Green Home Logic, Green Power Associates, Green Team

The year is off to a good start as last month the New York City Council passed Intro. 2317-A, banning gas hookups in newly constructed buildings starting in 2024, and phasing in until full implementation in 2027. 

Gov. Hochul’s State of the State address vowed to make New York a national leader in Climate action and green jobs through a series of programs and investments. There are a wide range of initiatives. We focus on two that are essential to reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings, the goal of H/CSB.

  1. Accelerating the renewable energy economy to protect climate health and create jobs:
  1. A robust investment in offshore wind production, 
  2. Powering one third of New York City with wind, solar and hydropower,
  3. Making New York State a green hydrogen hub with federal funding,
  4. Phasing out New York City’s most polluting fossil fuel facilities,
  5. Achieve Net-Zero Carbon in NY State Investment Portfolios by 2040.
  1. Decarbonizing New York’s Buildings:
  1. Achieve 2 Million electrified or electrification-ready homes by 2030
  2. Commit to zero on-site greenhouse gas emissions for new construction by 2027, enacting nation leading building code legislation
  3. Bring green energy solutions to over 1,000 public schools.

Case Study

HCSB is pleased to highlight another sustainability champion who participated in our campaign

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And is helping to share her experience and information about the Clean Heat Campaign with her Park Slope Neighbors.

Like many Park Slopers, Stephanie Doba is concerned about sustainability.  She long ago replaced all her light bulbs with LED’s, subscribed to a wind- and solar-generated electricity supplier, and upgraded her house’s insulation, but she wanted to do more. So for the last several years she has been transforming her 10th Street home, which she purchased 25 years ago, into an energy-efficient showplace of sustainable technology. 

She installed solar panels on the roof, an air-source heat pump system for quiet whole-house heating and cooling, and traded in her Prius for a Tesla Model 3. All benefited from government incentives and save her money on operating costs. Still on the agenda: replacing the gas stove, old water heater and clothes dryer with counterparts that run on electricity. 

Read the full article here:



Tuesday, January 25th, 6:30-7:30pm + Q&A


Join Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn and our selected contractors for a Residential Green Retrofit Webinar on Tuesday, January 25th, 6:30-7:30pm + Q&A

We’ll present the 2022 programs & incentives for clean heating and cooling + energy efficiency projects in 1-4 family homes with guest selected installers of 

Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Systems and Home Weatherization-Insulation Improvements. 


HCSB is promoting green retrofits in Brooklyn homes & buildings to save Energy, Money and the Planet! 

Buildings with energy efficient envelopes and clean heating & cooling systems will keep you comfortable all year round, lower your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and improve your neighborhood environment. We can even help you install solar panels on your roof to power your new clean heating & cooling system!

HCSB is funded by NYSERDA and sponsored by Brooklyn Borough President Reynoso. 

Help Launch Red Hook Solar

Workforce Training Programs starting January 31st

We have FREE Workforce Training Programs

Whether you’re looking for virtual training in energy efficiency or hands-on training in the construction trades, we have you covered… See below for an extensive list of upcoming training opportunities and how to apply.

We are excited to announce the upcoming Q1 cohorts for the Willdan Clean Energy Academy, available to all NYS residents!
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