WindowSkin® by WexEnergy reduces heating costs for owners and improves comfort for occupants. 

WindowSkin is a window retrofit that reduces carbon emissions and energy loss of the building envelope for less than 15% of the cost of replacement windows. WexEnergy has engineered a transparent, featherweight polymer into a custom-fitted insulation panel. Unlike other window retrofits, WindowSkins snap directly to the interior glass windowpane for optimized insulation. Your windows and window treatments will open and close, just as they did before WindowSkin installation. WindowSkins install in seconds with no tools, no disruption, and no construction.

Company Profile:

WexEnergy was founded by Dr. Ron Wexler and Rachel Rosen. WexEnergy’s mission is to find affordable solutions to reducing energy loss and carbon emissions. WindowSkins are manufactured with a 100% USA based supply chain and manufactured in upstate New York. All of our products are designed with closed loop sustainability in mind. 

Currently, WexEnergy is focusing on multi-family and commercial buildings. We are working with building owners, property managers and energy advisors to offer an affordable solution to addressing energy loss of the building envelope. 

WexEnergy is a woman owned business located in Rochester, NY. WexEnergy is proud to be creating jobs in the new clean energy economy.

Technologies offered: Easy window upgrade that easy to install and affordable. Current product is best suited for cold climates.

Preferred Building Types: Multi-family, Commercial, Institutional, Mixed-use

Contact Information:

Primary Contact: Scott Walker, Business Engagement, [email protected]


Phone: 585-727-8397

Address: 260 East Main Street, Suite 6318, Rochester, NY 14604

Memberships and Affiliations: NYC 2030, ACRE-Urban Future Lab, Clean Tech Center at The Tech Garden, NextCorps, DeltaClimeVT 2020

Awards: Urban Future Competition’s New York Community Trust Impact Prize Winner 2020, DeltaClimeVT 2020 Prize Winner, 76West Alternate Winner 2018