The HeatSMART campaign, HeatsmartBK and Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn, sponsored by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, is offering workforce training and development in collaboration with the Association for Energy Affordability (AEA) and CUNY City Tech. This training and workforce development component is designed to meet the following goals:

  • Upgrade the skills of existing workers, including HVAC field technicians; energy auditors and post-installation inspectors working with Home Performance Contractors; sales and marketing professionals; and architects, engineers and diverse tradespersons; including electricians, plumbers and various installers involved directly in carrying out HVAC upgrade work in residential buildings.
  • Assist existing workers in all the above categories to obtain or retain appropriate certifications to help to continue to raise the bar of work quality achieved in HVAC and energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Develop a pool of qualified entry-level candidates who demonstrate the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to carry out the installation and maintenance of clean heating and cooling technologies.

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Best Practices for Installation of Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps (ccASHP)

Course Length: Two three hour modules and one two hour module (delivered remotely) Links will be sent to registrants.

Course dates:

Conducting Heat Loss Calculations: October 13, (1-3pm)

Best Practices Module 1: October 14 (1-4pm)

Best Practices Module 2: Saturday the 17th (9-12pm)

Instructors: Asit Patel, C.E.M, C.E.A, E.B.C.P, ANP Energy Consulting Services Corp., Ramon Casado, C.E.M., BPI Building Analyst, Envelope, Heating, Healthy Home Evaluator, OSHA, MFBA, EPA LEED Supervisor; Production Coordinator/Energy Auditor; Association for Energy Affordability. 

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View recording of: Best Practices for ccASHP Installation Module 1 & 2 (6 hours) and Conducting Heat Loss Calculations (2 hours)

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